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Jan 18 03:55:06 PST 2020
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Who am I?

I'm a UNIX admin in the San Francisco Bay Area. At left is what I looked like during boot camp in Chicago.

I maintain the syslog-ng FAQ, and I wrote a book on automated UNIX/Linux System Administration.

Find me on Instagram or linkedin.

I still get in trouble at school

Today I was at my nephew's school, playing with him on the playground before class started. He's six and loves playing with his uncle.

We both started clambering up one of those domes made of bars that always seem to be at schools. As a kid I found it easier to start walking on the bars as I neared the top, so I found myself doing that again, like so many times before.

I'm 6'2", so when I stand on top of a six foot dome I'm towering above the schoolyard, where at least one hundred kids and parents are making their way to class. At was in this conspicuous position that the yard-duty lady saw me (before I saw her), prompting her to yell "Sir, could you please get down off there? We don't allow the kids to stand on there so we can't allow you to."

"Ok, I didn't know," I reply in an annoyed voice. I find I like being talked to like a kid just as little as I did when I *was* a kid. Twenty years later and the only difference is that now the yard-duty lady calls me "Sir" when she yells at me.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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